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The sport of cricket attracts plenty of eyeballs across the world and is particularly popular in the Asian sub-continent, home to more than one fifth of the world's population. Cricket's marquee tournament, the World Cup, is only next to the Football World Cup and the Summer Olympics in terms of viewers across the world. We at love the game as much as you do and we've tried our best to make this site a one stop resource for live cricket scores and cricket news.

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Pakistan Vs Sri Lanka 3rd Test Match 3 Nov Live

Kumar SangakkaraThe third and final Test between Pakistan and Sri Lanka will be played from November 3 at 6:00 GMT in Sharjah. Pakistan now lead the series 1-0, so this Test match is expected to be a great encounter between these two sub continental team.

In the first test Sri Lanka escaped from a defeat, but they were beaten brutally by 9 wickets in the second test. Once again Sri Lankan batsmen failed before the Pakistani bowlers and then their bowlers also followed their batsmen. In fact, Pakistan got a pretty good lead of 164 runs in the first innings of the second test.

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Sri Lanka must upgrade their performance in all departments, especially their batting. Very few batsmen like Kumar Sangakkara, Paranavitana and Matthews could show resistance against the Pakistani bowlers, but it was not enough. In the third test their batsmen have to score a lot more runs especially, they have to play more carefully against pace bowler Umar Gul and spinner Saeed Ajmal. When it comes to their bowling, it is also devastating. They are yet to win a match after the retirement of Muralitharan.

On the other hand, Pakistani bowlers and batsmen must be pleased by their performance against an experienced side. In fact, they have won their first test against Sri Lanka in five years. In the third next match they will certainly focus on their spin bowling attack, though Pakistani skipper Misbah ul Haq already expressed that all their bowlers are match winners.

When it comes to their batting, they have been exploiting the retirement of legendary bowler Muralitharan. To be honest, they have been treating the Sri Lankan bowlers like very ordinary bowlers.

The final test between these two sides is expected to be an entertaining encounter but for that to happen, Sri Lanka need to score runs and a lot of them. Unfortunately, it is a known fact that their batting has generally struggled throughout and for them to be able to overcome that problem, they will require a lot of resolve from their batters. Pakistan, on the other hand, need to continue playing with the same kind of commitment to lead the side to a series win.

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