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The sport of cricket attracts plenty of eyeballs across the world and is particularly popular in the Asian sub-continent, home to more than one fifth of the world's population. Cricket's marquee tournament, the World Cup, is only next to the Football World Cup and the Summer Olympics in terms of viewers across the world. We at love the game as much as you do and we've tried our best to make this site a one stop resource for live cricket scores and cricket news.

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South Africa V West Indies Live

The South Africa VS West Indies cricket test series started with South Africa as favorites, and then came the twist when West Indies won the first test match. The second test match between the two countries was then expected to be a battle for survival for South Africa and a platform for West Indies to build on their 1-0 series lead and a chance to wrap up the second test and effectively the series with a win. South Africa, however, emerged winners and regained their lost pride by thrashing West Indies by a 7-wicket victory. South Africa owe their victory to an excellent performances by various players like Makhaya Ntini, Steyn, Nel and man of the match Ashwell Prince who made a slow paced but vital 98 and 12 not out.

South Africa, thus go into the third and final test match of the series, with huge amounts of confidence and large number of players regaining form. Although players like Makhaya Ntini and Prince would be the key players, the over all talent of the team can very well be considered the best in the world. West Indies, therefore, will have to be on the lookout and will have to play good aggressive cricket in order to win the 3 test match series. Neil McKenzie who was called for the second test did not play up to his full potential and is also expected to fire in the third and deciding test match of the series.

For the West Indies, the hero of the first test match, Dwayne Bravo, will have to fire if the West Indies are to win this series. Bravo took 5 wickets in the second test match and conceded 116 runs. Bravo, contrary to expectations did not fire with the bat. Besides Bravo, players like Samuels, Gayle and Chanderpaul have to fire in order to ensure that West Indies win the series. The third test, which starts on the 10th of January in Durban, promises to be a close one and a true cliffhanger in all respects.

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