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Andrew Flintoff to retire from test matches after Ashes

Andrew FlintoffAndrew Flintoff has called it time to go from the longest format of the game after finding himself injured once again before the start of the Lord's test match in the Ashes. However, it has been reported that Flintoff will be available to play in the shortened formats; the ODIs and the T20 cricket.

Flintoff has had many issues with injuries, and on most occasions with injuries on his legs. His most recent problem was with a knee injury that saw him play only three games in the Indian Premier League for the Chennai Super Kings, before returning back for an operation. This injury meant that he was not able to feature in the either the two test match series against West Indies, or the ICC World T20 that followed after that. He was reported fit for the first Ashes test match but then complained of soreness and swelling on the same knee that had needed surgery.

Flintoff has also missed 25 out of the last 48 games that his side has played since the last Ashes that were played in England in 2005. His average with the bat has been 28.25, while it is 34.68 with the ball in 23 Tests but he has not managed a century or five wickets in an innings in any series since then.

Talking to the Press Association Sport, he said that his body has had enough and has told him to stop. He also explained that he has had four ankle operations and this was followed by the problems with his knee which he took as a hint to retire.

With his participation for the Lord's test match in doubt, he gathered his team mates in the net sessions on Wednesday, and broke out the decision to them. The captain of the team, Andrew Strauss that while everyone was saddened by the news, they all had seen it coming and hoped that it will motivate him to perform even better in the rest of the games.

Flintoff, on his part, said that he will do everything to get on to the field for the remaining four test matches. He added that he was desperate to make his mark and I want to finish playing for England on a high and if one looked at the fixtures going forward, the way his body is suggests he won't be able to get through that.

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